Friday, September 27, 2013

A Cull for A Cause

Salutations Typospherians,

In continuation with my last post, I have been wracking my brain, trying to figure out how to get the word out about my friend Roxy beyond her Facebook page. After some thought and discussion, I have decided to start a advertising campaign. Beyond putting banners on my bikes, I am also going to accost Craigslist (and a few other sites) and try to figure out some effective paid advertising as well.

That requires funds. And, I'm still jobless.


Remember the machines I had for sale earlier in the year to raise funds to buy Scarlett, my scooter? Well, I still have most of them. And I'm willing to entertain reasonable offers plus S&H...and may even be willing to let go of a few other machines from my collection. Two of these machines are pending homes; I will update and let everyone know for certain if they go.

 This one may be spoken for.

Still need some work on the mainspring of this one, but it's about 95%. Has ink and pencil, too!

This one is a fixer-upper.

I really like this one. It has a really pretty leather case and I'm not sure I wanna get rid of it. XD

This fella works well but needs a cover. Has case and key.

This one is on hold.

Love a wedge!

I'd rather not ship this one, because the shipping would be obscene. Any local takers?

Please stop by 'A Kidney for Roxy' on Facebook (linked above) and show my bestie some love!

Thank you guys. You rock!



Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Kidney for Roxy

So, as mentioned above there is a Facebook page for this very worthy cause and we can be contacted through it or, you can email me directly. Even the thought counts and I'm sure my friend would appreciate your well-wishes, but I also feel that time is of the essence. So if you are willing an able, please consider kidney donation. I can almost guarantee you won't regret it.

Thank you all for reading this.


PS-- if you read this, this is just for you, sis:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

There's A Way Around Everything

I hope this post finds you all well, my ink-slinging friends! There will be more forthcoming, the very next in regards to the ICI. See you soon!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Cull

Salutations Typospherians!

So, I had done some pool-side typing today, couldn't focus, came back in and tried another four times on two different machines and still couldn't finish a tlog. Please forgive me using the blah-top instead of posting a tlog. Next time. I have some machines I need to introduce via one, anyway.

So then, down to business. It was a gorgeous spring day today, and so I spent part of it on the burro, heading to the craft store for stuff to finish a couple projects I have in the works (expect posts on these projects and tutorials; tis the season for all the steampunk cons, and these projects are directly related to that) and because of an event in our neighborhood, traffic was insane. My little pack-critter, only being a 50cc and barely capable of managing 30MPH in the most optimal of conditions had quite a time of it, and I'm certain I angered plenty of drivers in the process. While I'm not mentally or physically ready to get back on my warhorse, the Vulcan, it has become apparent that I need more powerful wheels. Wheels that can at least keep up with traffic on surface streets so I don't end up as roadkill.

My friend Mike who runs the local scooter boutique (apologies manly-man Mike; I just can't find another term for this place. With the wood floors, cozy atmosphere, constantly-spinning vinyl and autographed photos of celebrities and vintage license plates on the wall, the only way it could manage to ooze any more cool is if typewriters were present and there was an in-house coffee bar) has made me an offer on a new, 150cc Vespa clone that I absolutely cannot refuse (Google 'Puma Valentine' and you'll understand why). So, since I'm still 'freelancing', what's a girl to do?

It's time for a cull of the typewriter hoarde.

I surprised myself in this, as I actually managed to come up with ten or eleven machines that I could part with. Two of them are even -gasp- Olivers. Which are headed for consignment at an ungodly price in the morning (the consignment rate here is pretty steep; 35% at all the local shops). If I get a reasonable price for them all, that'll go a long way toward my goal. And not all of the funds will go just to the scooter; Mike has a collection barrel in his shop for dog and cat food, which goes to Meals-on-Wheels Pet Program to help homebound people feed their pets, and to the local animal shelter to feed the shelter pets. I want to try to fill his barrel to help these critters; my pets are all rescues and were there for me when I was homebound, so now that I'm not and my critters are pretty sassy, I'd like to help those who need it. 

So without further ado, here are the machines that will be leaving my care. Some are spoken for; I'll add in the captions which ones are.

'Gryphon' Oliver 9 Print-type. Cleaner than this photo. Works; has fresh ribbon and pencil. Very nice machine, but I have like, six 9's, so I think I can part with one. $100.00 OBO +S&H; you don't want to know what the consignment price is going to be.

'Socrates' Remington Noiseless Seven. On hold.

'Sid and Nancy' Corona Zephyr (Sid) and Corona Skywriter (Nancy) On hold; going to the same home! That makes me so happy!

'Hotei' (Prosperity Buddha in Japanese lore) IBM Model A. Not working; He Who Must Not Be Named told me something to try with it but I haven't yet. $30 OBO +S&H.

'Susan' Olivetti Praxis 35. Has a weird slipping problem with the daisywheel; I'll hit one letter and it'll skip to something totally random. $30 OBO +S&H.

'Molly' Royal Royalite. New ribbon. Still has sticky shift. Going to try to put it in Mike's shop; we'll see how that goes. $30 OBO +S&H

'Cael the Indecent' Royal Aristocrat with script font and the key to the case. Needs different spools and ribbon cover. $100 OBO +S&H (I know, I know; I over-paid for this guy).

'Grungy' Oliver Standard 5. No longer grungy! Replaced missing key; put in new ribbon and pencil. $100 OBO +S&H; headed to consignment tomorrow.

I really should have taken pictures after the Ollies were cleaned. Hope you enjoyed and wish me luck! Hope you guys will like the steampunk tutorials I'll be doing in the near-future as well.

Now get out there and type! (Or stay in and type, depending on your weather.)


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Terror on the Road

Salutations Typospherians!

I have a guest blogger tonight, my lovely hubs, the one and only Doomsday Machine! Enjoy!

Picture it:
Beautiful day. High seventies, mellow breeze, clear skies, and lots of other bikers on the road tossing out smiles and greetings. Little traffic, mindful drivers, fairly smooth roads. A picture perfect ride through town...until...

You know that moment, as you drive/ride down the freeway, where a big truck up ahead kicks up a rock? You watch it rapidly grow larger as distance closes, the brief moment seeming like an eternity as you realize things are about to turn bad. Thwack! Crack! Pap! Oww!

...Now, imagine that it came at an angle, not from a truck, but from a tree. NOW imagine that it's not a rock at all, but a PISSED-THE-FRACK-OFF WASP! No, wait! It gets even better! This Pissed-The-Frack-Off wasp completely misses the front of the motorcycle. It completely misses the full face of your very protective Shoei helm. Instead, it slams right into the middle of your collar bone, right where the collar of your shirt hangs open, and falls


 I pulled over really quick, flipped my killswitch, and frantically ripped my own shirt apart on the side of a busy road at 1:30 Saturday afternoon. I'm sure every passerby had an interesting story to tell, once they arrived at their destination. I know I did. Let it be known that my darling, beloved Madame Mohawk (Anna), laughed at my misfortune...and does so even now as I type.

F my life.

--Doomsday Machine

Hubs lovely Indian clone, a 2000 Kawasaki VN-1500J Drifter.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Of Pelicans, Skeletons and Getting Back on the Burro (Part Three)

The Burro.

Yep, this is my helmet. With a mohawk on it. Cause that's how I roll. It helps keep me visible to motorists and generally brings smiles all-around.

The horse. Not quite ready to get back on her yet, but I'm getting there. I really miss riding!

Random Ophelia update: At almost nine months old, she's getting huge. She is the sweetest cat I've ever met in my life, as well as the most hyper. She's been very therapeutic for me and I don't know what I'd do without her, even though she likes to be a gremlin and get into things I'm working on--or typers I'm working on--because I'm paying attention to something besides her!

Teeritz, here's a photo of the back of my watch. I think one of the problems with it keeping time is that I haven't been all that active since I got it. That's been changing rapidly though, and it seems the more I wear it while active, the better it runs.

I have to add a special thank-you to Mike and Mike of Riverside Scooters for getting my scoot running the way it should, not only after sitting for fourteen months, but really for the first time ever. It hasn't ran so well in the entire time I've owned it; it's like a brand new machine! Be expecting a Yelp review, guys! And to my typing friends in this area who may be interested in getting a scooter, go see Mike. He has a really wonderful selection, great prices, a kick-butt warranty and is just an all-round nice guy. He'll treat you right!

Keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up,

Anna S.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Of Pelicans, Skeletons and Getting Back on the Burro (Part Two)

(So Teeritz, am I correct in my assumption that this watch probably needs a service? Also, I'd love to know your opinion on Ballast watches. Thanks!)

You can take a look at the website of my awesome neighbors here. Thanks again guys, and do you need another Galactic Ambassador? I'm in the job market right now and can get you a resume immediately.

Of Pelicans, Skeletons, and Getting Back on the Burro (PART ONE)

Note: this first post may be a bit difficult to read. Please let me know if it is and I'll transcribe it.

(PS-Sorry for the ginormous size! Has to do with the QDL not liking the paper.)

Friday, January 18, 2013

A Return From the Void

And now...for the pictures!

Voss with a model build. I've started another blog for these guys; I'm building Master Grades now and plan on entering the Builders' World Cup later in the year. We shall see how things go.

Ophelia is getting so big! She needs a bath. That's gonna be fun...