Saturday, April 14, 2018


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Type-In Streams of Consciousness, Brought Back From the Dead

Things I did not put in typewritten post: It actually took me some digging to find out what I know about 'the young lawyer', Simon Conner Moesley. Thanks to his rather thorough sister, there were solid leads on his grave marker, which led me to the archives of his alma mater, and in the end, I learned quite a lot about the man. 

The 'magnate' is Frank Augustus Miller and more can be learned about his inn which is still in operation here.

  The scientist is Hrista Stamenkovic who was an engineer who made great advancements in structural reinforcement in earthquake-plagued regions. His research is still the standard and available for purchase.

Being so close to All Hallows and Dia De Los Muertos, I hope this doesn't creep too many of you out.


Saturday, September 10, 2016

I've Been Busy...

Salutations Typospherians,

I apologize for my lack of updates! I've begun working full-time and have decided to go back to college. Nonetheless, they typewriters do keep rolling in, and I have some that I'm very excited to share with you in the future.

However, I did update another blog that really needed it tonight: Fat Chick On A Scooter. Twice, in fact. It's my body-image advocacy blog...and yes, there is some gratuitous love for scooters there as well, because scooters are awesome, dammit.

I still have a lot of things to share and I will do so, Typospherians. When I have a rare moment to breathe.

And no, do NOT use absence as a weapon!


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Short Snippet: Motorcycles (And Other Stuff)

Salutations Typospherians!

Again I've been dreadful about updating my blog. My sincerest apologies. This time, I have good reason, however; I've been very busy with some really exciting projects, most of them having to do with writing. I still need to post photos from the type-in and Wild West Fest, I know, but I was in a mood to share this morning and this is what I have, although I will say this: not a single chopped typewriter key was seen at WWF, which leads me to believe it isn't really the Steampunks mutilating the machines. I saw some phenomenal artwork while I was there, but none of it bore a single typewriter part. I was overjoyed.

Without further ado, here's something I typed up this morning and some photos that have absolutely nothing to do with typewriters. Enjoy!

Do NOT use two-wheeled vehicles as weapons!

-Anna Strad.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Riverside Type-In...Was A Bust

Salutations Typospherians,

I apologize for not reporting on the type-in sooner, but the truth of the matter is that no one showed up and there really wasn't much to report, other than hauling machines to and fro on the bikes. I do have some photos and a typecast, which I may post at a later date. But right now, I'm packing.

Wild West Fest at Calico Ghost Town is this weekend, and I've spent time since the type-in getting camping gear and steampunk garb together for it, as well as taking care of my booth at Pomona Antique Mart. Will post on both of those, as well as Steampunk costuming for the broke and untalented (like me!) all coming next week.

As far as future type-ins go, I remain undaunted. I'll just start advertising a lot earlier and in more places. There are some really lovely places around town to have them (and type-outs), so I will make it happen. Hope to see some of you guys at the next one!


-Anna S.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Itinerary for the Riverside Type-In and Antique Mall Crawl

Salutations Typospherians!

Just wanted to toss up a quick type-in itinerary and map link for all going to the Type-in on Sunday!

Just in case you need a look at the flyer again.

We will be meeting at Molinos Coffee at 10:00AM sharp and will be there, typing, talking machines and ect. until 2:00PM (unless there is a group decision to begin the Mall Crawl earlier, which could be moved up as early as noon--your choice guys!). Due to the size of Mission Galleria, we may have to split into two groups: those who want to crawl just the Galleria and those who want to crawl the other shops in town. The Galleria is a really fun antique store, but it generally doesn't have a whole lot in the way of typewriters (watches and clocks, on the other hand...). That being said, those who want to do some machine hunting, follow the little red scooter, overburdened with typewriters! Our first stop will be Old Glory General Store, which has a back room that is great for typer hunting. It's located at 4344 Market St. From there we will continue down Market to the best typer hunting grounds in town: Elizabeth Street. 3772 Elizabeth is but one of seven Shops that has things I think most Typospherians would be interested in. It is Renaissance Book Store, and has books on typers, pens and writing instruments, and scores of other things. It is surrounded by five antique stores-all of which I have found and bought machines in-and Goodwill. The antique stores are Forget-Me-Not, Guerrero's Treasures & Collectibles, AnnTiques, Flamenco and another in the alley between Forget-Me-Not and Flamenco that I cannot remember the name of, but I picked up my Hermes 3K from there. Guerrero's and Forget-Me-Not's are stores you don't want to miss; the bulk of my local-found collection has come from these two stores, as well as many other things non-typewriter related.

Spoiler alert: keep your eyes peeled for a sight like this on the streets, and follow me!

I'm excited to see Typospherians and locals alike at the Type-In! Come if you can and enjoy! See you Sunday!