Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Kidney for Roxy

So, as mentioned above there is a Facebook page for this very worthy cause and we can be contacted through it or, you can email me directly. Even the thought counts and I'm sure my friend would appreciate your well-wishes, but I also feel that time is of the essence. So if you are willing an able, please consider kidney donation. I can almost guarantee you won't regret it.

Thank you all for reading this.


PS-- if you read this, this is just for you, sis:


  1. I hope for the best for Roxy. I was just talking to the mother of my daughter's friend, who got a kidney transplant from her brother a few years ago. She needs to take medication for the rest of her life, but otherwise is active and doing well.

  2. This sucks, but you are giving her a wonderful gift. Even if it doesn't work out with you being a donor yourself or finding one, love is the most amazing thing you can give her. And that's what you are doing.

  3. I'm hoping she finds a donor soon!

  4. A.S., what a deep friendship you two have. I wish you both the very best of luck. Just know that your friendship is probably doing much to help Roxy through all this. Be sure to take care of yourself as well.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Teeritz! I certainly hope so! And I am trying *laughs*