Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Quick Note of Gratitude


I wanted to thank The Typosphere for adding my blog to their blog-roll! Cheers!  Since I have no photos of my typewriters to add in thanks, here is a photo of my scooter.

With heartfelt thanks,

Anna Strad.


  1. You are and shall forever be...a dork!


    1. ...You know, I'm hearing that with increasing frequency as of late. Soon, I may even begin to believe it!

  2. I am jealous of your scooter. If only I lived close enough to work that such a thing could be my sole conveyance...

  3. Thank you, Winston! I've actually taken that little fella on some pretty long daytrips. It is one of a small stable, the pony in the midst of horses. We used to have two scooters and two motorcycles, now we have the one scooter and still two motorcycles. Even though it's a cheap little Chinese-made scooter, it's never failed me, has plenty of storage and gets roughly ninety miles to the gallon. I adore it!