Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Off the Beaten Topic: A Cigarette Case Notepad


After a long, drawn out battle with Laptopasaurus, it seems I have lost in the photo war. Darling must now upload from his Desktopocus (which takes forever and I simply do not have the patience to fight with it) and then email them to me. However, though I can receive the files, I cannot preview them, so I can only hope they will upload correctly. I suppose we're all going to find out, right now.

After reading Vikram's posts on home-made notepads, I had the idea to create one of my own. I've been carrying cigarette cases in lieu of wallets for years now, as they fit in my pocket well and don't allow me to over-stuff them. However, over the years they have gotten shorter and they are able to hold more. This is my current one:

Current cigarette case wallet. My own motorcycle looks quite a bit like the one on the relief.

From the back.

It is the widest and shortest cigarette case I've ever carried. Plenty of room for all the junk I really don't need. So, I decided to clean it out and put something useful in it. I had some Post-It notes lying around, not being useful, so I decided to put them to work.

Why yes, those are hot pink Post-Its. Far from my favorite color, but waste not, want not.

Now, I have my shopping list handy and a place to jot down ideas while I'm away from the keyboards. All I need is a tiny or telescoping pen. After I run out of Post-Its, I'll either cut up some scratch or some drawing paper, secure it together and put double-sided tape on the back of the bottom page. I just wish I would have had the idea sooner! Thanks for the inspiration, Vikram!

Use cigarette cases as wallets and notepads!



  1. Clever! better than their intended use.

  2. I think it's awesome! Love the case too.


  3. Clever idea indeed. You need a telescoping Fisher Space Pen, a bit pricey but they write on almost any surface, even in orbit, which might come in handy.

    1. Thank you. You know, I was just looking at those pens tonight. I didn't pick one up, but I will be next time I'm at the office supply store.

      ...And I have always wanted to go to Mars... ;-)

  4. Nice case! Awesome looking motorcycle too. :)
    Glad to have helped--and happy to have inspired you.

    1. Thanks! I believe it's supposed to be a Harley, but to me, it looks more like a Kawasaki cruiser, which is what I have. My bike is looking less and less like my wallet these days; I keep customizing it!