Friday, September 14, 2012

Typogram from Nats

Salutations Typospherians,

Today, I received a Typogram from Nats, along with goodies!

Since Gargoyle was on the secretary anyway, I couldn't resist getting her in the shot. She is quite the photogenic beastie, and I'm sure you'll all get tired of seeing her eventually. Here's a close up of the correspondence.

Sorry for the glare; I forgot to cover the flash! The round paper wrapped package is washi tape, though I like to refer to it as typewriter band-aids. It's the same cute pattern as the 'A', hearts and clouds! The two cards are original typewriter keytop replacement cards for a Royal, I believe an Aristocrat specifically. Where she found them, I have no idea. What I'll use them for is the topic of another post.

I put the newspaper behind it on purpose, to accentuate the interesting shape! It was its own envelope. I'll have to remember this for the future. Also, look at that adorable sea turtle! Thanks Nat!

As an aside, I apologize to those I've already written to for my lengthier-than-typogram length correspondence. I'll try to pare it down for the future.

And to Nat--hubs was mentioning what nice handwriting you have, so I'm not alone in that sentiment!

Post on, good people!



  1. Very awesome! And in Vogue, no less.

    1. I'm very happy she finally found her Royal with the Vogue typeface. I know she had been looking for a while!

      Thanks Richard!

  2. I'll never tire of looking at the Oliver 3 as it is high on my machine lust list. I'll have to join the next round of the Typogram initiative, but it appears I will need to use something other than Vogue. The keytop replacement cards are awesome!

    1. Thanks Dwayne!

      I'm getting the next round together; drop me an email! It's hyperlinked in the posts introducing the Initiative. And you can use any typeface you want!

      Thank you! We'll reveal what we're doing with them once we get our ducks in a row!

  3. That was really cool! I love your initiative and am looking forward to the continuing process of the whole adventure.

    Thanks for coming up with it!

    1. Thanks! I have another Typogram to post today, so stay tuned!

      Glad you're enjoying it!

  4. short and sweet and beautiful

    i got scott's letter a bit ago and i have to read it and get it up on my blog

    its been busy

    but see you tomorrow!

    1. Thanks Michael!

      I'm wondering how many of you guys are ready for round two? There are people who want to jump in that didn't get in the first round, so round two will be even bigger!

      Looking forward to tomorrow! I think it'll be a fun afternoon!