Monday, July 16, 2012

Salutations From the Beginning of the End of the World

Greetings. I wish we could meet under more fortunate circumstances. However, it's time for the masses to face an obvious and annoying fact:

The world is ending.

I'm not saying Biblical apocalypse or Mayan calendar ending, I'm saying we're feeding out just enough rope and bad vibes to hang our collective selves with. We're toeing the edge of a crumbling cliff and we're too power-drunk to back off, thinking we're invincible. But the simple fact of the matter is that society is on the verge of collapse, and on a global scale. Indeed, nothing lasts forever.

So, what to do about it?

Well, the obvious solution is for us all to get off our high-horses and lazy bums and work together to un-screw what we have been collectively screwing up for the last couple centuries. The reality, however, is that we will not do that. Most of us will remain complacent and won't even save ourselves.

So, for those who are paying attention, this is a guide. And it begins with...typewriters.


Yes, typewriters. Namely, clunky, old-fashioned, non-electric manual typewriters. These will be the machines for the end of the world. I'm certain you're probably asking yourself why, right about now, and what a typewriter could possibly have to do with the end of the world. The answer is quite simple: as society and our overly-depended-upon technological infrastructure fails, we will have to resort to more and more primitive means of communication. As the grid systematically falls, we will be plunged into a scenario similar to the 19th century. Typewriters, telegraphs and telephones (NOT cell phones; I'm talking your great-grandmothers' nailed-to-the-wall rotary phone that attached to a non-electrical and non-wireless landline) will be the last bastions of long-distance communication. And slowly these too will fail, if we let things progress that far.

This blog will be a guide for as long as our technology holds out to the machines for the end of the world. It may start with typewriters, but it doesn't end there (though there will be a good deal to do with typewriters). I will also cover disaster preparedness and my love and hobby, which is steampunk, as well as more random musings. I do hope you'll join me. Don't panic. Get yourself a cup of tea, pull up a chair, and let the sounds of keys and bell ring in the end of the world.

Use your words as your weapon,

-Anna Strad.

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