Saturday, July 21, 2012

'The Illustrated History of the Typewriter' Coming Soon!


While I realize it has been done before, I have decided to write my own 'History of the Typewriter.' I'm currently sourcing old typewriter advertisements and photographs of them in action from back in the day. This is proving to take a wee bit more time than I had hoped it would, and I will tell you why.

While it would be a very easy thing to do a quick web search, download all the cool old ads and photos that my hard-drive could hold and upload them to my blog, that isn't very ethical now, is it? And I must say, not very lady-like a'tall. Therefore, I am awaiting permissions from the owners of only the best old adverts I could find, and it is taking a spot of time.

So, I do hope you'll bear with me while I await confirmation. While plagiarism may be the sincerest form of flattery (ha ha, I made a funny! Ba-zing!), it isn't right, responsible or very good for the karma alignment.

Your patience is most appreciated...or your offerings of old ads and photos, so we can move the process along, doubly so.

-Anna Strad.

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